Montego Bay High School 20/20 Vision

Goal Achieved - School expansion and modernization project





MBHS 20/20 Vision
Ms. Myrtle Dwyer
Chairman of the Board
Montego Bay High School

It is with great pleasure that I share with you that 6th Form at Montego Bay High School is a reality and will kick off the beginning of the school year 2014/15. Our immediate plans are modest with great expectations for growth in the coming years. The staff accommodation in the lower school yard is being   converted to facilitate this process for our young ladies. A Library and study with internet access will be created to enhance research and aid learning. We hope to convert that entire building for the use of our 6th formers. (Currently, there are two grade 7 classrooms on the ground floor.)

In 2015, the school will celebrate its 80th anniversary. With this in mind, we take the opportunity of launching our 20/20 vision which we hope to complete in the year 2020. What do we hope to achieve?

The plan is two-fold. For one, we hope to convert the lower school into a modern complex with the removal of the non-functional buildings starting with the second form block down to the Clothing & Textile room. We will replace them with three storey buildings consisting of class room, laboratories, a gym, wash-rooms, etc. With this conversion, students will have more open space for interaction whilst enjoying more modern facilities.

A new cafeteria will be constructed thus enabling our students to purchase their meals and eat in more comfortable conditions. This should be located behind the existing building on the court which was used for physical education.

We hope to convert the old Principal’s building into a cultural centre for historical displays and cultural training. Our students are quite talented and would welcome such an outlet for expression in the arts.

Secondly, we hope to see enhancements in our subject offerings as we make room to accommodate the many job opportunities available. We can no longer prepare the future generation for traditional professions only. A Math and Language Laboratory are among some of the proposals. Suggestions are always welcome from your membership to help with this bold step.

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