Reflection from a past student

ReflectionAs a past student of Montego Bay High School and a board member of the Montego Bay High School Alumnae Association of New York, Inc. (MBHSAA of NY), it is my pleasure and honor to be affiliated with such an outstanding institution.

This year (2015), as the school celebrates its 80th year anniversary; this significant milestone evokes cherished memories and great insights. I befriended one of my best friends during my first year at the school and we have remained friends over the years. Ironically, we became members of the MBHSAA of NY sharing similar passion for the betterment of our alma mater.   My experience at Montego Bay High School is a constant reminder of the individual I have become and is influential for further educational accomplishments.

My involvement with the MBHSAA of NY has allowed me to work with some wonderful, vivacious, and hard-working alumnae who are equally inspired to promote greatness for the school. We thrive to enhance the school’s development by our fund-raising efforts and to empower our little sisters who we highly regard as our future generation, equipped with a renewed wealth of knowledge to impact our society.

My personal challenges while attending Montego Bay High School have often lingered in my thoughts over the years and, have caused me to reflect on current students who might be experiencing similar challenges. Thus, my personal decision to become a part of this organization is inspired from the realization that this opportunity along with my academic experience can serve as a sounding backboard to support students who are faced with adolescent and academic challenges. Students need to be reassured of their abilities and in the knowledge that redemption can be achieved after adversities.

We all can do whatever we are inspired to do including pursuing our educational dream with determination and perseverance. I am definitely an example of this reality as my graduating date from The College of New Rochelle is fast approaching (it is never too late to pursue your dreams). I am thrilled at the opportunity this level of achievement will create for me personally and professionally; however, I am grateful and excited about my renewed abilities and skills as I continue to work with the MBHSAA of NY to successfully impact others.

Sheryl Kerr-Clarke

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