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College Bound Scholarship



The Montego Bay High School Alumnae Association of New York award three scholarships to college-bound Montego Bay High School graduates based on academic achievement, financial need, and an expressed interest in pursuing higher education.


  • All applicants are required to follow the formal application process set by MBHSAA of NY.

  • All graduating seniors meeting the stated criteria will be eligible for consideration. The criteria have been designed to give the MBHSAA of NY Scholarship Selection Committee flexibility in awarding the scholarships.

  • The Scholarship Selection Committee will recognize individuals in the graduating class deserving of an opportunity to attend college and will select recipient(s) without bias.

  • Consideration will be given to academic achievement, financial need of the students, and good citizenship (MBHS Community involvement)

  • The students eligible for the scholarships must complete a MBHSAA of NY application form. Click here to download the application form.


  • Be graduating from MBHS the year that the scholarship is being awarded.

  •  Acceptance to an Institution of higher learning i.e. UWI, College.

  • Scholastic achievement with 5 or more distinctions in the CSEC examination and 6 or more distinctions in the CAPE examination.

  • Maintained a B+ average and be deserving of financial aid.

  • Exemplify good citizenship and deportment.


DEADLINE: AUGUST 5, 2024, please submit completed application to:

Along with the following supporting documents:

1.    Letter of recommendation from the principal or senior teacher, with attestation of good citizenship and deportment.

2.    Acceptance letter from the institution of higher education.

3.    Proof of examination results.

4.    Report card.

5.    Essay of 175 - 250 words showing why the scholarship should be awarded.

RENEWAL: This scholarship is not renewable and is awarded only once. Only graduating seniors enrolling in college or university are eligible to apply. Previous scholarship recipients cannot re-apply

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